My Weekend Finds

I love to do a little weekend shopping with a glass of wine, snuggled up on the couch after the kid’s have gone to bed and my husband is watching what I call, “A gold mining documentary…” on the Discovery channel. However as I type this out I’m corrected that it’s actually called “Gold Rush”. ** insert shoulder shrug

Anyways, sometimes I find cute things that I pick up for myself and sometimes I have to say “NO!” to that gorgeous pair of stud earrings that are only $9.99 because I already have too many. It pains me to leave them behind, lost and alone, so I thought I would share them plus a few finds that I thought were worthy to share with you.

I have pajamas from Amazon, a navy blue embroided dress that would be great for family pictures, an ADIDAS baseball hat that will cover up your unwashed hair at school drop off ( oh wait that’s for me…. ), a cozy leopard blanket perfect for gifting or for yourself, $7.99 pajama bottoms that are cozy and comfy…… I mean I could go on and on but I’ll let everything speak for itself as you browse all the goodies I found. Click on any of the images below to shop it.

Happy Monday!!!

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