I think if I have learned anything from ya’ll, it’s that you love a good deal. I love sharing all the good deals WITH ya’ll so we are truly a match made in heaven. HAHA! Seriously, I try to stay frugal and on a budget when shopping for my clothes plus all the clothes for my family. I do splurge on certain items like jeans or a good pair of shoes because I am all about comfort. If I must pay a little more to have comfy jeans on rather than ones that fall down, cut off my circulation or wear after a while, then let me grab my wallet real quick.

I’m sharing the top 10 items that ya’ll purchased this year and my absolute FAVORITE pair of jeans are included because apparently ya’ll loved them too. YAY!!! Thank you for supporting me this year whether it was through shopping my links, sending a sweet message or liking my pictures. If you never buy one single thing I share, I love having this community with you all and sharing my days with you. Stay tuned for 2019, I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings. HUGS!

  1. WOMEN’S ADIDAS SWIFT RUN SNEAKER $70 – These sneakers are among the most comfortable ones I have ever owned. If you aren’t a pink person, they come in several other colors to choose from. They are normally $85 but right now they are on SALE! Run to grab these but make sure you size down at least one size if you do. They tend to run a little large!
  2. GUCCI DUPE BELT $18.99 + FREE SHIPPING – This Amazon find is a favorite among everyone I know. It instantly steps up your outfit to give it something a little extra. I wear mine all the time and it is especially gorgeous with black denim. Amazing quality for only $18.99! Can’t beat that!
  3. HIGH WAISTED LEGGINGS $19 – These leggings are great quality, affordable and suck everything in. They hold your stomach in without cutting off the circulation and that is kind of important.
  4. ROSE GOLD O KEY RING $55 – I don’t know what I would do without this key ring. I’m able to walk in and out of a store without having my purse and without having to hold my keys or wonder where they are. When I get out of the car and lock it, I slide the ring on my wrist and never worry about it again until we head back to the car. I used it for a long time and then decided I needed the wallet to go with it. So glad I purchased it b/c again, another lifesaver.
  5. COLORBLOCK SWEATER $23.99 + FREE PRIME SHIPPING – Color blocking has been so popular this season and ya’ll have ordered this sweater a ton. It comes in several other color options but this green was my favorite. I have a small and would say it runs TTS, although if you are tall, it may run a little short on you.
  6. BUFFALO CHECK RUG $23 + FREE PRIME SHIPPING – I use this rug to layer with my front door mat and it just makes it pop. You can add any rug you want and I bet it will look amazing.
  7. KNIT SWEATER $24.99 – I wore this sweater when I was pregnant and I still wear it now. It’s one of those pieces that can fit so many body types, not to mention it’s super comfy.
  8. SUEDE FLATS $53.50 – I just purchased these this month, in December, and I have worn them non stop. These shoes are another item in your closet that will make a simple outfit look 10x more put together when you slip them on. They also come in black AND leopard.
  9. HIGH RISE SKINNY JEANS $70-$115 (PRICE DEPENDS ON SIZE) – These jeans are pricey, yes, but 100% worth it. I haven’t been able to find another pair better than these and I wear them with almost everything. I would say they run TTS and wear + wash extremely well with the distressing they have on them. Grab these while you can because they are super hard to find.
  10. CHELSEA BOOT $59.99 – These booties are great because the heel is not high and they super comfy. I have worn them all day with thin socks and did not have one blister. They also come in black and run TTS.

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